Infra Fund: Innovative Product for your investment solution and Indonesian Infrastructure alternative

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Infra Fund: Innovative Product for your investment solution and Indonesian Infrastructure alternative

PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi in collaboration with PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. launch an innovative product in Indonesia Capital Market Sector, called “Collective Investment Contract Infrastructure Investment Fund” (KIK-DINFRA) to fulfill investment solutions and alternative financing for Indonesia’s infrastructure development. KIK-DINFRA Initial listing done at Indonesia Stock Exchange on Monday, 15 April 2019. KIK-DINFRA product called DINFRA Toll Road Mandiri-001 to be introduce at Submission of an effective statement from the Financial Services Authority held at the IMF-World Bank event in Bali, 2018.


Investment Infrastructure Fund (DINFRA) is a form of collective investment contract used to collect funds from investor community, then invested into infrastructure asset in a form debt and/or equity from investment manager, and can be offered in public offers or limited offers. The advantages of KIK-DINFRA compared to the other investment product is that KIK-DINFRA give alternative solution for investor to invest in infrastructure asset, directly or indirectly through share ownership in the Infrastructure Ownership Company. Besides, KIK-DINFRA also gives extra benefits in portfolio diversification of infrastructure asset that is not or being build, or has produce income (brown-field) through alternative investment medium potentially reduce portfolio volatility. DINFRA Toll Road Mandiri-001 is KIK-DINFRA product, firstly recorded and traded on Indonesia Stock Exchange, offered through public offers so that it can reach institutional and retail investors.


In DINFRA Toll Road Mandiri-001 scheme, investor placed funds in KIK-DINFRA and managed by investment manager in a form of KIK-DINFRA participation unit, those funds would be used by investment manager to invest in infrastructure asset by buying PT Jasa Marga Pandaan Toll stock, owner of the Gempol-Pandaan toll road concession that is one of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. subsidiary, either through taking part in the issuance of new shares or by purchasing ownership from Jasa Marga in PT Jasamarga Pandaan Toll. Mandiri Investasi act as fund manager supported by PT Mandiri Sekuritas as arranger and PT Maybank Indonesia Tbk. as custodian bank.


PT Jasamarga Pandaan Toll is Gempol-Pandaan 13,61 KM toll road developer, that is DINFRA Toll Road Mandiri-001 underlying. Gempol-Pandaan toll road connect Surabaya-Gempol toll road with Pandaan-Malang toll road, that has 37 years concession period and operating since 2015.


Until the end of March 2019, Mandiri Investasi succeed in recorded Asset Under Management include Capital Protected Funds and Discretionary Funds of Rp55 Trillion. Mandiri Investasi committed to keep developing alternative investment product as diversification for investor.

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