#WMR 27 Juni – 1 Juli 2022

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The government lowered the target for government bond issuance which was initially at Rp. 1,300 trillion to Rp. 1.084 trillion.

Monthly Macro Review : Holiday consumption

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In May, the Indonesian welcomes the Eid holiday with great enthusiasm. This year, the government allows people to go back to their hometown.

#WMR 13 – 17 Jun 2022


At the FOMC meeting in June, the Fed increased its FFR 75 bps to 1.75%. The increase this month was much bigger than previously planned.

#WMR 6 – 10 June 2022

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After a considerable rally, JCI corrected 1.3% in a week to 7086. LQ45 fell deeper by 2.3% in a week to 1019.

Market Buzz : Bond Flash Sale

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The yield from INDOGB moved back to 7.2%, adjusting the yield from UST which crept up to 3.0%

Money Market Commentary : May 2022

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The loan growth in April 2022 jumped to 9.10% YoY from 6.7% YoY in March 2022. The increase happened in sectors like trade, industry and agriculture.

Bond Market Commentary : May 2022

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The global markets have been closely observing the US economy which showed a slight decline in inflation.

Equity Market Commentary : May 2022

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The global markets faced uncertainty as the Fed signaled they will act all out in order to get inflation under control.

#WMR 30 May – 3 Jun 2022

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The global market is entering the era of Quantitative Tightening in June 2022. People are focusing on the condition if liquidity is withdrawn from the market.

Monthly Macro Review : A Homecoming Rally

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Indonesia finally got a positive news from several economic conditions in April 2022.