KoinWorks and Mandiri Investasi are Collaborate to Provide Mutual Fund Automation for Lenders

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KoinWorks and Mandiri Investasi are Collaborate to Provide Mutual Fund Automation for Lenders

Jakarta, 10 June 2020 – PT Lunaria Annua Teknologi (KoinWorks) officially collaborates with PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi to manage lender funds which will be automatically invested in the capital market instruments of the Mutual Fund Mandiri Investment Money Market 2 (MIPU2 T + 0). This initiative is proofing KoinWorks’ commitment to always pursue the government regulations regarding lender funds on P2P lending accounts that are not allowed to settle for more than 2 (two) days and also to encourage the growth of the Indonesia capital market investors. Through this partnership, KoinWorks users are allowed to be capital market investors under one single financial platform.

Benedicto Haryono as the CEO & Co-Founder of KoinWorks said, “We believe besides offered alternative funding for the productive sector, the growth of capital market investors that can be seen through the ownership of Single Investor Identification (SID) can push the financial inclusion in Indonesia. Feels has the same belief, we collaborate with Mandiri Manajemen Investasi, which has extensive experience in the management of investment portfolios and also actively encourages the growth of capital market investors in Indonesia.”

The lender funds will be invested in Mandiri Money Market 2 (MIPU2 T+0) mutual fund instruments and will be saved and recorded by a trusted Custodian Bank that has been licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Aligned with KoinWorks’ commitment to driving the growth of financial inclusion in Indonesia, through the money market type of mutual fund, KoinWorks aspire to stimulate the interest of lenders to be investors of other capital market instruments and other types of mutual funds.

Alvin Pattisahusiwa as President Director of PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi remarked, “Mandiri Investasi continues to support collaboration with KoinWorks through our flagship product, MIPU2 Mutual Funds. MIPU2 Mutual Fund product is an innovative product because of its high liquidity with a T+0 transaction time or same-day settlement so that disbursement can be done on the same day which is suitable as an underlying Mutual Fund automation for KoinWorks lenders.”

In the overall process, the lender funds that settle on Koinworks for more than 2 (two) days will be automatically converted into Mutual Funds managed by Mandiri Investasi. Lenders are allowed to use their funds directly without having to disburse their mutual fund units. This seamless process makes it easy for users to become lenders and investors in one single financial platform. “In terms of user experience, lenders will not feel any difference with the systems that have been running on KoinWorks apps before. An easy & hassle-free automation process is always our focus in developing this service”, Benedicto added.

This launching is done virtually and broadcast live through the Mandiri Investment Youtube channel. In this event a panel discussion was also held between Endang Astharanti (Director of Mandiri Investments), Jonathan Bryan (Chief Marketing Officer of KoinWorks), and Koslina (Head of Securities Services of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia) and discussed this collaboration in detail.

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