Mandiri Investasi awarded Trusted Company from CGPI Award 2019

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Mandiri Investasi awarded Trusted Company from CGPI Award 2019

Jakarta (11/12/2019). PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (“Mandiri Investasi”) achieve predicate of Trusted Company based on Corporate Governance Perception Index (“CGPI”) 2018 held by The Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance (IICG) in collaborate with SWA Magazine. This award is received by Director of Mandiri Investasi, Arief Budiman in Shangri La Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

In 2018, CGPI was followed by 35 companies as participant that consist of BUMN’s company, private company, listed company and non-listed company. Every company is assessed based on the fulfillment of 3 (three) aspects, Governance Structure, Governance Process and Governance Results with each assessment indicator of 5 (five), 8 (eight) and 3 (three) indicators. The theme for 2018 is “Strengthening the Business Platform in the Framework of Good Corporate Governance”.

In the Assessment, the value of Mandiri Investasi successfully increases 1.34 points from 77.61 for CGPI in 2017 to 78.95 for CGPI in 2018. The assessment obtained by Mandiri Investasi was above the average rating of companies in the Non-Banking (SOE / ROE and Private) sector with a mean value of 77.41 (source: Report of the 2017 CGPI Research and Ranking Program: The Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance).

Mandiri Investasi always committed and consistent to be the leading Asset Management in providing quality investment solutions that prioritize the interests and needs of investors, with Good Corporate Governance.

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