Mandiri Investasi Market Outlook 2019 : Sunshine After The Rain

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Mandiri Investasi Market Outlook 2019 : Sunshine After The Rain

By the end of 2018, PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi succeed achieving Asset Under Management (AUM) for mutual funds of Rp.48,2 trillion. While for total managed funds, including Capital Protected Funds and Discretionary Funds, Mandiri Investasi recorded total funds under management worth Rp.53,4 trillion.


With AUM Mutual Funds achievement worth Rp.48,2 trillion (including KIK EBA and RDPT), Mandiri Investasi Market Share in mutual funds industry achieve 9,1% and maintaining no.1 in AUM national mutual funds ranking.


From the composition of AUM Mutual Funds per asset class, Mandiri Investasi AUM Mutual Funds per December 2018 still dominated by Capital Protected Funds with AUM contribution reaching 34%. Followed by Equity Funds and Fixed Income Funds, each earns 18% and 14% respectively.


In 2018, Mandiri Investasi also launch various alternative investment, such as Mandiri GIAA01 Collective Asset Securities (KIK-EBA) Contract with a total value of Rp 2 Trillion, which is the first financial asset securitization instrument in Indonesia that makes the rights to revenue from ticket sales from Jeddah and Medina routes as underlying. In addition, Mandiri Investasi also issues Equity Infrastructure Fixed Income Mutual Funds (RDPT MIET) with a total value of Rp 1.97 Trillion to finance the Trans Java toll road infrastructure.


Mandiri Investasi also keep made a breakthrough by providing investment access to offshore markets through collaboration with Global Management and Private Bank Assets, Lombard Odier.


2019 Plan


In 2019, Mandiri Investasi sees this year is filled with optimism. The release of Indonesia’s GDP growth data shows that the domestic economy accelerated from 5.07% yoy in 2017 to 5.17% yoy in 2018. Maintaining consumer purchasing power amidst easing external pressure will be a supporting factor for domestic economic growth, especially in the first quarter of this year. On the other hand, the stable economy of developing countries and the policies of the US Central Bank which are expected to be more accommodating this year will provide positive sentiment for asset classes in developing countries.


This is a momentum for Mandiri Investasi to continue to improve the performance of Mutual Fund products. With the condition of the capital market that is expected to be more vibrant this year, asset classes that can be chosen by investors to invest include Stock Funds and Fixed Income Mutual Funds. The Mandiri Investment product which is the flagship in Equity Funds is the ASEAN 5 Plus Mandiri Investa Equity Mutual Fund (ASEAN5 +) and the Mandiri Investa Equity Dynamo Factor (DYNAMO) Mutual Fund. Whereas for Fixed Income Mutual Funds is Mandiri Investa Dana Utama (MIDU) Mutual Fund. As our answer to investor interest in alternative investment products, the Company plans to issue several other alternative products in 2019 such as KIK-DINFRA and other KIK-EBA.


Mandiri Investasi committed to grow better and keep developing capability, fit to Mandiri Investasi vision to be “The Most Innovative and leading Asset Management company in Indonesia.” Mandiri Investasi constantly give investment solution with innovative product along optimal result to fills investor’s needs.

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