Mandiri Investasi targeting IDR66 Trillion for Total Assets Under Management in 2020

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Mandiri Investasi targeting IDR66 Trillion for Total Assets Under Management in 2020

Jakarta (5/3/2020). PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (Mandiri Investasi) held Market Outlook with theme The Wind of Change: Surviving The Age of Disruptions di Ritz Carlton Pacific Place. This event has opened by President Director of Mandiri Investasi, Alvin Pattisahusiwa; with the keynote speaker  Dr. Mohammad Ikhsan (SOE Ministry Special Staff); guest speaker Prof. Rhenald Kasali, Ph.D; with panelist Dionisius Nathaniel (Chief Marketing Officer Traveloka), Eddi Danusaputro (President Director PT Mandiri Capital Indonesia), and Aldo Perkasa (Deputy CIO Mandiri Investasi).

This event discussing on how investors in Indonesia are preparing to face the disruptions era from the experts’ point of view, as well as how Mandiri Investasi provides innovative investment solutions for investors. In maintaining the company’s position as one of market leader in National Mutual Fund Industry, Mandiri Investasi has preparing complimentary ecosystem so that investors can continue to invest optimally in the midst of the current global and national economic situation.

“Mandiri Investasi has prepared various ecosystems in anticipating this disruptions era. As example we have Mutual Fund product that has same-day settlement feature, which known as Mutual Fund Mandiri Investasi Money Market 2 (MIPU2). This Mutual Fund to support the digital ecosystem with targeting e-wallet from fintech industry. Moreover, Mandiri Investasi also had the “all weather fund” product which is Mandiri Investasi Obligasi Nasional for the investors who want to have flexibility to invest in Treasury Bonds denominated USD and/or Rupiah” according to Alvin Pattisahusiwa, President Director of Mandiri Investasi.

“Not only that, we also have a Mutual Fund product that we already revamp with global disruption theme which is Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar (MGSED) Fund which invests in the portfolio of Overseas Sharia Securities that do disruptions on global level. Mandiri Investasi also has product that give disruptions to conventional product in Mutual Fund Industry which is Alternative Investment Products such as KIK EBA, KIK DINFRA, and Private Equity Fund (RDPT). In this year, we also planning to launch another Alternative Investment Innovative product which is KIK EBA Syariah and another DINFRA” continue Alvin.

In the end of 2019, PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (Mandiri Investasi) achieved Mutual Funds Asset Under Management (AUM) for IDR44,9 Trillion. Meanwhile for Assets Under Management, including Private Equity Fund (RDPT), Alternative investment Product, Discretionary Fund, and AUM of Mandiri Investment Management Singapore (MIMS) in the end of 2019 records up to IDR63.4 trillion.

Alongside with the background of global market conditions that tend to be positive will be a good capital for the movement of financial markets in 2020, especially to high risk asset class such as equity asset class. On the other hand, it is estimated that the relatively loose monetary policy from the US central bank will also continue, so that Bank Indonesia still has space to do once or twice to cut the interest rate in 2020 that will give positive impact for fixed income asset class.

With the strategy above, Mandiri Investasi optimistic to targeting Asset Under Management reach up to IDR66 Trillion in 2020.

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