Supporting the Newest OJK (Financial Services Authority of Indonesia) Regulation, PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi Launches Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar

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Supporting the Newest OJK (Financial Services Authority of Indonesia) Regulation, PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi Launches Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar

PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi is launching Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar, a Sharia Equity Fund with an Offshore Investment Component product, the first one bya national investment management company.

Jakarta, 26Juli 2016 – Since the door for full sharia investments in overseas stock market was opened widely by OJK (Financial Services Authority of Indonesia) in November 2015, PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (Mandiri Investasi)has launched their latest product, Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar. It is the first offshore based sharia mutual fund product by a national investment company in Indonesia.

“OJK issued a regulation numbered 19/POJK.04/2015on the issuance and requirements of sharia mutual funds, in which one of the rules allows offshore based sharia mutual funds to invest fully in overseas stock market. Previously, sharia equity funds were only allowed to invest up to 15% abroad,”said Muhammad Hanif, President Director at PT. Mandiri Manajemen Investasi. He believes that there is a great interest from investors in offshore based sharia mutual funds. He continued, “ Mandiri Investasi welcomes the new OJK regulation, together with investors’ great interest in it. To satisfy their interest, Mandiri Investasi is launching Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar.”

Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar sharia equityfund with an offshore investment component product with some uniqueness. “By investing in this mutual fund, investors have the access to invest fully in global stock markets. This means they can diversify their investments into the global markets to optimize their investment returns,” said the president director. “Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar is an alternative ofinvestment instruments in USD denomination and a suitable option to invest in USD assets.”

In managing the global portfolio,Mandiri Investasi will collaborate with an established global investment manager.”Mandiri Investasi has appointed JPMorgan Asset Management asa Technical Advisor in managing Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar. JPMorgan Asset Management will provide sub-advisory sevices to the investment managers’ team in Mandiri Investasi. The portfolio will be managed actively by Mandiri in order to generate attractive potential returns in USD,” said Hanif. He went on, “Mandiri Investasi is collaborating withJPMorgan Asset Management, which has extensive experience in managing global equity portfolios supported by in-depth global research. We believe the collaboration will create a strong synergy in the portfolio management of Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar.”

Steven Billiet, Chief Executive Officer, JPMorgan Asset Management (Singapore) Limited said, “We are pleased to be the first foreign asset manager to partner with a national asset manager of such esteem as Mandiri and advising them on the portfolio. As a Technical Advisor for Mandiri Investasi, JPMorgan Asset Management will provide access to its global expertise and research capabilities for the management of the fund. We look forward to participating in the further development of the asset management industry in Indonesia as the local mutual fund market opens up for international investing.”

Mandiri Investasi also appoints Citi Indonesia as the custodian bank of Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar.Batara Sianturi, Chief Executive Officer Citi Indonesia stated, “We are happy to have an important role in the launch of Global Sharia Equity Dollar managed by a national investment management company in Indonesia. A custodian role is important in supporting such an innovative mutual fund product, particularly in giving access to the global market. This appointment is essential in supporting groundbreaking mutual fund products like this, especially in the global market. The appointment also shows Citi’s strongposition in Indonesia’s capital market.”

Imelda Sebayang, Securities Country Manager Citi Indonesiasaid, “Citi is very proud to be appointed as the custodian bank ofMandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar managed by Mandiri Investasi. This launch is a breakthrough for Indonesia because the product offers new opportunities for local investors to get into many international capital markets, boosted by support from Citi with the company’s track record and expertise in Markets and Securities Services.”


About PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi  (Mandiri Investasi):

PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi or more widely known as Mandiri Investasi is the largest national fund managers in Indonesia with the total managed fund accounts for IDR 33 trillion (June 2016).  Mandiri Investasi, was established in December 2004 following a corporate spin-off from PT Mandiri Sekuritas. Mandiri Investasi has become one of the most important parts of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk group to provide “one stop financial services”to the people of Indonesia.Armed with deep understanding of the market in Indonesia, Mandiri Investasi will assist you in managing funds via innovative and professional investment products,


Mandiri Investasi provides variety of Mutual Fund products for you. Each Mutual Fund product is designed specifically to meet various types of investment needs.


Mandiri Investasi offers Discretionary Fund that can be customized in accordance to investor needs based on their investment objectives and risk profile.



About JPMorgan Asset Management

JPMorgan Asset Management (“JPMAM”) is the brand name of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s asset management companies.


JPMorgan Asset Management is a global asset management leader with about US$1.7 trillion in assets under management as at 30 June 2016. With offices in over 30 countries around the world, JPMorgan Asset Management offers global coverage with a strong local market presence, and leadership positions in most asset classes.


In Asia Pacific it has 8 offices, including Hong Kong as its regional headquarters, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan,managing client assets totalling US$127.7 billion as at 30 June 2016.


About Citi Indonesia

Citibank, N.A., Indonesia Branch (Citibank) is a full branch of Citibank, N.A. with its head office in New York, USA. Citigroup Inc. (Citi) fully owns Citibank, N.A. Citi was established in Indonesia in 1968 and has become one of the largest foreign banks in the country. Citi operates 14 branches in six major cities– Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Denpasar.In Indonesia, Citi has one of the largest customer payment networks in the nation with more than 50.000 payment points, and it is also one of the largest corporate distribution networks in the country with 4.800 locations across 34 provinces.

Citi also plays an important role in citizenship and community outreach initiatives under the umbrella name of Citi Peka (Peduli dan Berkarya, meaning care and create something meaningful). In 2015, Citi Peka disbursed a total of USD 900,000 from Citi Foundation to run various programs that focus on: financial education for children, mature women and farmers group; youth entrepreneurship and micro entrepreneurship. Over 90%of Citi’s employees volunteer each year in Citi Peka programs.

Between 2014 and 2015, Citi received a variety of awards and acknowledgements including “Best Bank” from Triple A Asset, “Best Foreign Bank in Indonesia” from Global Banking & Finance Review, “Best Tax Payment Bank in Indonesia” fromIndonesian Tax Office KPPN VII, “Best Service Provider – Transaction Bank” from The Asset Magazine, “Best Foreign Bank in Indonesia” from Alpha Southeast Asia, “Best Wealth Management in Indonesia” from The Asian Banker, “Best Consumer Digital Bank (Indonesia)” from Global Finance Magazine and “Best Bank in Digital Services” from Tempo Media. To experience digital banking services, please visit


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Mauldy R. Makmur

Head of Corp. Secretary, HR & GA

PT. Mandiri Manajemen Investasi

Phone  : +62 811-1090-603

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Mandiri Global Sharia Equity Dollar

Product Details

Mutual Fund Type Offshore-based Sharia Equity Fund
Currency The United States Dollar (USD)
Effective Date 06 April 2016
Investment Policy Min. 80% – Max. 100% Sharia Shares

Min. 0% -Max. 20% Money Market Instruments/Sharia Fixed Income

Min. 51% Offshore-based Sharia Investment

Initial Investment Amount USD10,000
InvestmentUniverse List of Syariah Mandiri Securities Investment Management (Supported by DowJonesS&PIndex)
Focus Strategy Sharia Global Market
ManagementFee 2,5%p.a. maximum
SubscriptionFee 2% maximum
RedemptionFee 2% maximum
Custodian Bank Citibank


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