Targeting e-wallet in FinTech Industry, Mandiri Investasi Launch Money Market Fund with T+0 Feature

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Targeting e-wallet in FinTech Industry, Mandiri Investasi Launch Money Market Fund with T+0 Feature

Jakarta, 21 May 2019 – As time goes by, digital industry in Indonesia especially in financial service often called financial technology (fintech) like e-wallet that is part of ecommerce online ecosystem or online transportation platform, also peer-to-peer lending (P2P) keep showing massive growth. Looking at this trend, Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (Mandiri Investasi), supported by Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia (SCBI) as custody bank, launch Money Market Mutual Funds product with higher liquidity, called Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang 2 (MIPU2) Mutual Funds.

Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang 2 (MIPU2) Mutual Funds is different with conventional Money Market Mutual Funds, because this product offers highest liquidity, with disbursement funds on the same day as when the transaction order was made, or called T+0. Purchase of MIPU2 start only from Rp10.000, so it very attractive for beginner investor who want to start investing with low risk. T+0 feature done by MIPU2 management strategies that invest in highly liquid money market instruments so that funds from disbursement of participation units are not from facilities or billing, but are the result of investor redemption transactions that will be credited by the custodian bank to the customer’s bank account on the same day, with a sell transaction cut-off-time order at 10 AM where investors will get the proceeds from the sale of the participation unit with the Net Asset Value on the same day.

“This product is very innovative because its very liquid with T+0 transaction time, added with affordable and easy investing. This T+0 Mutual Funds product firstly launch in the Indonesian capital market.” said Alvin Pattisahusiwa, President Director of Mandiri Investasi.

As a comparison, nowadays funds from the disbursement of Mutual Funds units are generally accepted by investor at T+1 to T+3, equivalent to one to three days. Therefore, T+0 by MIPU2 is a very attractive aspect for potential investors.

Mandiri Investasi, together with Standard Chartered Bank as custody bank. “As international bank with more than 155 years’ experience in Indonesia, and one of the first to get a custodian business license from OJK, we are commit to keep innovating with product and service to response the needs and dynamics of society.” Said Rino Donosepoetro, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia. “We’re very glad to be strategic partner of Mandiri Investasi to launch first Mutual Funds in Indonesia with T+0 feature. This partnership is a clear proof of our role to participate in developing investment in the Indonesian capital market industry, especially for the retail market. This is also in line with one of our visions, to become the number 1 custodian bank in Indonesia. ”

Now, MIPU2 present at Mandiri Investasi online platform called MOINVES, and would be launched with several selected Mutual Funds Selling Agent (APERD). In the near future, Mandiri Investasi will join hands with several online platforms in Indonesia to targeting digital wallet to optimize user idle funds through this MIPU2 product.

This investment product is very safe because it managed by Mandiri Investasi and watched over OJK. Mandiri Investasi has vision to becoming leading and most innovative investment manager in Indonesia until 1Q19 with total managed funds worth IDR55.3 trillion.

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