What is your goal?

Defining INVESTMENT GOALS is the first step we need to take before we start investing. Goal-setting helps us learn more about the risks involved and equips us with the right attitude towards it. Whether its to pay credit card debts, planning a long holiday, buying a new house or saving for your children’s future education, a goal will tell us whether our investments are short term, mid term or long term. Knowing this helps us choose which investment product work best in achieving our goals.

The general rule is always to invest early and regularly. By investing in Mutual Funds you are not burdened to invest in large amounts, so you can enter the market at anytime because Mutual Funds perform better with time. The longer you keep it, the more it grows.

Our risk profile also changes from time to time, depending on our capability to save and the current market situation. Hence, its important to evaluate your portfolio regularly at least once a year to again, manage diversifying and allocating your next investments.

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