Bond Market Commentary : April 2024

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Bond Market Commentary : April 2024



April 2024 posed challenges for bond investors due to shifts in the US economic landscape. The US inflation rate surged to 3.5% yoy in March 2024, surpassing the previous rate of 3.2% yoy and the market consensus of 3.4% yoy. This higher-than-expected inflation data made the Federal Reserve cautious about rate cuts. While the market had been forewarned about the challenges of combating inflation in early 2024, progress toward the annual target of 2% remained sluggish in recent months. The Federal Reserve signalled that the current elevated rates would persist, even as market expectations for rate cuts were pushed back.

Throughout April, the Indonesian rupiah depreciated by 2.53%, closing at Rp 16,259 per US dollar. Global and domestic economic conditions, including rising Treasury yields and diminishing hopes for rate cuts, contributed to the rupiah’s weakness. On April 23, 2024, Bank Indonesia raised the BI-Rate by 25 basis points to 6.25%. This move aimed to bolster IDR stability against global risks and maintain inflation within the target range of 2.5%±1%.

The US Treasury yield experienced a sharp spike, surging nearly 50 basis points to 4.70%. This increase posed challenges for riskier asset classes, including Indonesian bonds. The IndoGb yield rose to 7.13%, reflecting the impact of higher US Treasury yields. The yield spread between IndoGb and the US Treasury widened to 250–270 basis points, although it remained relatively modest. These dynamics are crucial for investors, as they reflect risk sentiment and prevailing economic conditions.

In summary, the bond market in April 2024 presented a mix of challenges and opportunities. Inflation, central bank policies, exchange rates and global economic conditions played pivotal roles. For investors, a prudent approach would involve considering short-duration bond funds to navigate the evolving landscape.


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