The Comfort of Investing in Mutual Fund


The Comfort of Investing in Mutual Fund

  • Support from a professional team
    No need to manage your own investment. A team of professional and experienced investment managers supported by in-depth research will do the job for you.
  • Affordable investment value
    No hefty capital needed to invest in a mutual fund product; you’ll be in business with initial capital as little as Rp100,000. For further information, see your investment manager or selling agent.
  • Diversified Portfolio
    While the value to invest in a mutual fund is minimal, it actually opens the door to wider range and class of assets owned packaged in the mutual fund portfolio and managed by the Investment Manager. Owning varied or diversified assets minimizes the risk of investing in the capital market.
  • Easy transaction
    Doing mutual fund transactions is as easy as doing banking transactions. The process of opening your mutual fund account to an initial purchase of mutual fund units is simple. A mutual fund is highly liquid and redeemable whenever one’s faced by the need for some quick cash. What’s more, you can easily switch from one mutual fund to another pursuant to the agreement entered into.

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