What are Your Goals?


What are Your Goals?

The decision to invest should always be balanced with a clear goal. The goal is not simply a wish to have millions or billions of rupiah at a certain age, but a clear and specific objective. Be it to provide higher education for our children at the age of 15, saving for a down payment on a dream house in the next five years, having a monthly income target at the retirement age 10 years down the road, and so on.

Having a goal and a clear time frame will make it easier for you to create an effective and realistic investment plan. If one of your goals is to secure a certain amount of income for retirement, you can start investing funds every month once you start earning.

A goal may change in the course of your life. If you receive a bonus or unexpected income, your goal could be realized sooner than expected. If this happens, you need to set a new target to keep your investment well managed. Get yourself accustomed to having periodic review on the goal and development of investment (once every six months or once a year) to strengthen your commitment and ensure that you are on the right track.

In addition, be certain that you have set an investment plan that fits your risk profile.

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